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Search: Call Dispatcher apk load

DMOZ Categories (1-5 of 100)

  1. Business: Telecommunications: Call Centers: Providers(125)
  2. Business: Telecommunications: Call Centers: Software(47)
  3. Business: Telecommunications: Call Centers: Consulting(45)
  4. Business: Telecommunications: Call Centers: Equipment: Computer Telephony Integration(25)
  5. Business: Telecommunications: Call Centers: Providers: North America: United States(16)


DMOZ Sites (1-20 of 9245)

  1. Resonate - Makers of Central Dispatch (load-balancing) and Global Dispatch (DNS-based wide-area load balancing). The software runs on a variety of Unix systems.
  2. HMC Group - Offers call center services including: messaging, order entry, appointments, and dispatch.
  3. Maximum Call Center - Provides telephone services including: order entry, dispatch, answering services, and messaging Services.
    -- http://www.maximumcallcenter.com    Business: Telecommunications: Call Centers: Providers(125)
  4. Team Premier - Inbound call center offering answering services,order taking, customer services, help desk and alpha pager dispatch.
    -- http://www.teampremier.net/    Business: Telecommunications: Call Centers: Providers(125)
  5. Freightlist - Supplies dispatch software, a load and truck matching system and an electronic payment system designed specifically for the transportation industry.
    -- http://www.freightlist.com/    Business: Transportation and Logistics: Trucking: Services()
  6. Infosite Technologies Inc. - Specialises in dispatching software for trucking companies. Does dispatching logistics, full loads, LTL, containers.
  7. CoverLoads.com - A dispatcher training program for people interested in learning to dispatch for trucking companies from their home or small office.
  8. Masco Services Inc. - Provides centralized answering and paging dispatch. Message center and telephone answering services.
    -- http://www.msicommunications.com/    Business: Telecommunications: Call Centers: Providers(125)
  9. Tel*Assist - Provides 24/7 phone answering services, web-enabled customer service, dispatch and helpdesk services.
    -- http://www.telassist.com/    Business: Telecommunications: Call Centers: Providers(125)
  10. Spectrum Communications - Answering services including: order taking, customer service support, dispatch, and virtual office.
    -- http://www.spectrumcomm.com/    Business: Telecommunications: Call Centers: Providers(125)
  11. MAP Communications - Offers services in medical, property management, and government inbound answering, order taking, notification, dispatch, and surveys.
    -- http://www.mapmobile.com/    Business: Telecommunications: Call Centers: Providers(125)
  12. Halcom Communications Ltd. - Provides mobile global communications equipment, satellite phones, worldwide paging, security monitoring, medical alarms, GRS radio, call centre and dispatch.
    -- http://www.halcom.ca    Business: Telecommunications: Two-Way Radio()
  13. Teldig - Ticket and fieldcrew management system for one-call centers and utility companies. Incorporates automated mapping and handling/dispatching applications.
    -- http://www.teldig.com/    Business: Energy: Management: Tools and Equipment()
  14. Goserco, Inc. - Resellers of recording equipment for public safety and 911 dispatch centers, call centers, financial institutions and other business and industry applications.
    -- http://www.goserco.com/    Computers: Data Communications: Telephony: Recorders(15)
  15. Carrier Logistics, Inc. - Provides complete LTL trucking software package including Routronic 2000 dispatch system automating all functions from call pickup to GL.
    -- http://www.carrierlogistics.biz/    Business: Transportation and Logistics: Trucking: Software(36)
  16. Javascript Cthulhu d20 Character Generator - A rather hefty client-side script which can take a while to load on Internet Explorer.
    -- http://www.pathguy.com/cthulhu.htm    Games: Roleplaying: Genres: Horror: Call of Cthulhu(7)
  17. Truckers Helper - Truckers Helper business software for Trucking Professionals. Drivers, Owner Operators and Fleets - accounting, Invoicing,IFTA, Dispatch, Loads, Payroll, and LogMaster.
    -- http://www.truckershelper.com/    Business: Transportation and Logistics: Trucking: Software(36)
  18. GTO 2000 Inc - USA. Fully integrated computerized load tracking and dispatch system.
  19. Long Haul Trucking - Professional, experienced drivers, central dispatch, broker's offices in several Eastern U.S. and Midwest locations. Fullest protection possible for fragile loads.
  20. LegendCanada Services - Provides load services and dispatch services for owner-operators and trucking companies.


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