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  1. Regional: North America: Canada: Ontario: Localities: T: Toronto: Business and Economy: Real Estate: Residential: Agents(206)
  2. Regional: North America: Canada: Ontario: Localities: O: Ottawa: Business and Economy: Real Estate: Residential: Agents(168)
  3. Regional: North America: Canada: British Columbia: Localities: V: Vancouver: Business and Economy: Real Estate: Residential(133)
  4. Regional: North America: Canada: Ontario: Localities: T: Toronto: Business and Economy: Computers and Internet: Web Design and Development(130)
  5. Regional: North America: Canada: British Columbia: Localities: V: Vancouver: Arts and Entertainment: Photography: Photographers(127)


DMOZ Sites (1-20 of 142629)

  1. Android Forums - Community of Android enthusiasts who love their Android phones and tablets.
    -- http://androidforums.com/    Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Android()
  2. Powerocks Canada - Portable power packs that store power to charge smartphones, iPhones, Android phones, iPads and tablets while travelling, without needing to be near an outlet.
    -- http://powerocks.ca/    Computers: Systems: Handhelds: Accessories()
  3. Talk Android Phones - Latest news about Android phones, tablets, applications, games and tips.
    -- http://www.talkandroidphones.com/    Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Android: News and Media()
  4. Android Compare (Why Android?) - On the advantages of Android compared with the iPhone.
  5. Androidized - News about the mobile operating system, phone and application reviews.
  6. My Android Mag - A daily news website for the Android OS, covering phones, tablets, apps and games.
  7. Get Android Free - Tips and tricks for Android, unlocking phones.
  8. YMTiny - Application to enable users of Yahoo Instant Messenger to communicate via their mobile phone.
    -- http://www.orisinil.com/ymtiny/    Computers: Internet: Chat: Instant Messaging: Yahoo Messenger()
  9. Androinica - Android news and reviews of apps, phones, other devices, ROMs and accessories. Tutorials for beginners.
  10. Appsme - Offers a simple way to create mobile apps for iPhone and Android.
  11. GSam battery - Battery monitoring application for Android phones.
    -- http://www.gsamlabs.com/    Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Android: Apps()
  12. DevsNest - A place for all Android/iPhone owners to have their own spot.
  13. The Coding Studio - Specializes in professional business web site design, web development, iPhone, iOS and Android development, and SEO. Includes portfolio.
  14. PhoneRenew.com - Recycle used mobile phones such as iPhone and Android for cash.
  15. Android Advice & Tutorials - Android news and tutorials. Sections include news, mods, tablets, phones, apps and reviews.
  16. Androided.in - A technology news blog based in India, dedicated to phones, tablets and devices that run the Android operating system.
  17. Kawaii Mobile - Anime wallpapers for iPhone, Android, Nokia and other mobile phones.
  18. Winpopup LAN Messenger - A full-featured server-less instant messenger for Local Area Networks.
    -- http://www.winpopup-lan-messenger.com    Computers: Software: Internet: Clients: Chat: Instant Messaging()
  19. Android Gyan - News and reviews for Android products. Site includes forum, advice, recommendations and tutorials for tablets and phones.
  20. Beginner's guide to Android - Tutorial on how to use Android phones and tablets, from the elements of the user interface to updating and resetting the device.


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