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DMOZ Categories (1-5 of 100)

  1. Society: Issues: Warfare and Conflict: Specific Conflicts: War on Terrorism: News and Media: September 11, 2001: BBC News(915)
  2. Sports: Golf: Courses: Europe: United Kingdom: England(283)
  3. Sports: Water Sports: Swimming and Diving: Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: England(278)
  4. Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Society and Culture: Politics: Parties: Liberal Democrats: Local Parties and Branches(267)
  5. Sports: Golf: Courses: Europe: United Kingdom: Scotland(198)


DMOZ Sites (1-20 of 199282)

  1. Crack City - review - Review from Your Sinclair magazine.
    -- http://www.ysrnry.co.uk/articles/crackcity.htm    Games: Video Games: Adventure: Text Adventures: Crack City()
  2. Cracking Crime - BBC site on crime prevention database, TV and radio shows, opinion polls and tips.
    -- http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/uk/02/cracking_crime/html/default.stm    Society: Crime: Prevention: Regional: United Kingdom()
  3. Bletchley Park Museum : Lorenz Cipher Machine - Descriptions of the Lorenz cipher machine and the Colossus computer built to crack the code. Information on the rebuild of a working Colossus.
    -- http://www.codesandciphers.org.uk/lorenz/index.htm    Computers: Hardware: Historical: Colossus()
  4. Register: Prof Hushes SDMI Crack on DMCA Terror - "Princeton University computer science professor Edward Felten, who has claimed to have helped crack the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) watermark challenge, now says he's withholding the details of his accomplishment on advice of legal counsel fearing he could open himself to prosecution under the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)."
  5. Register: SDMI Crack Team Launches Preemptive Suit - "The Princeton University team which rose successfully to the SDMI challenge is asking the US District Court in New Jersey to issue a declaratory judgment absolving them of liability before releasing the results of their research into cracking several anti-piracy technologies." By Thomas C. Greene.
  6. Register: SDMI Crack Team Scurries Away in Fear Again - "Princeton University Computer Science Professor Edward Felten, who has credited himself and his team with cracking the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) Public Challenge, has once again wussed-out after threatening to do something frightfully daring like publish the results of his research." By Thomas C. Greene.
  7. The Register - Cracking down on cyberspace land grabs - Reports on an IP-block hijacking when "Los Angeles County had been hit by a growing type of hi-tech fraud, in which large, and usually dormant, segments of the Internet's address space are taken away from their registered users through an elaborate shell game of forged letters, ephemeral domain names and anonymous corporate fronts."
    -- http://www.theregister.co.uk/2003/06/11/cracking_down_on_cyberspace_land/    Computers: Internet: Domain Names()
  8. Register: MS Passport cracked with Hotmail - Passport authenticates a user for access to his credit cards and Web site accounts and passwords, to make life easy for on-line merchants and shoppers, and hackers and identity thieves. By Thomas C. Greene.
    -- http://www.theregister.co.uk/2001/11/05/ms_passport_cracked_with_hotmail/    Computers: Internet: E-mail: Free: Web-Based: H: Hotmail: Security()
  9. APK-Pensionskasse AG - Informationen über die angebotenen Pensionsversicherungen für Firmen und Versicherte. [A-1031 Wien]
  10. APK Keuringsstation Besseling - Informatie over de APK, kenetekenplaten en de tarieven.
  11. Auto Advies J. Speksnijder - Verzorgt op freelancebasis, met eigen geschreven lesmateriaal, APK Trainingen en opfriscursussen ter voorbereiding op het examen APK2 bevoegdheidsverlenging in de Achterhoek.
    -- http://www.autoadviezen.nl/    World: Nederlands: Zakelijk: Voertuigen: Auto's()
  12. K's World - Provides cracking tools and information.
    -- http://www.coprophiliac.de/~ka/    Computers: Hacking: Cracking()
  13. BBC News | UK | Crack team to tackle Dando inquiry - Police are to call in a team of top detectives to review the hunt for the killer of BBC presenter Jill Dando.
  14. Register: Uni Team Claims SDMI Cracked, and 'Inherently Vulnerable' - "SDMI now looks comprehensively hacked, with the release of a report by a group of security and digital watermarking researchers claiming that they successfully beat the Hack SDMI challenge." By John Lettice.
  15. Drugs Information - Information on heroin, cannabis, cocaine, crack, LSD, magic mushrooms, poppers, speed, Yaba, and opiates. This site also shows how these harmful drugs are taken and what symptoms to look out for.
    -- http://www.drugs-info.co.uk    Health: Addictions: Substance Abuse: Drugs()
  16. ChipTech - Car body and alloy wheel repair specialists. Provides details of services offered which include dent removal, cracked bumper repairs, window tinting and interior repairs.
  17. Wethertex - An exterior application for houses and other property which protects from damp, broken brick work, cracked render and unsightly block work.
  18. Glass Doctors - Offer specialist repair of cracks, chips and scratches in vehicle windscreens.
  19. BBC News: Computers Crack Famous Board Game - Details of the recently-discovered exhaustive solution to draughts, and the resulting computer program that can never lose a game.
    -- http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/6907018.stm    Games: Board Games: Abstract: Capturing Games: Checkers()
  20. Johnson and Allen - Manufacturer of non-destructive testing equipment and consumables including magnetic particle and dye penetrant crack detection systems.


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