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  1. Computers: Security: Consultants: General and Freelance: North America: United States(90)
  2. Computers: Security: Internet: Products and Tools: Security Scanners(63)
  3. Computers: Security: Consultants: Forensics and Incident Response(86)
  4. Computers: Security: Products and Tools(75)
  5. Computers: Security: Biometrics: Companies(65)


DMOZ Sites (1-20 of 286362)

  1. Retina Network Security Scanner - Identifies security vulnerabilities, suggests appropriate corrective actions and fixes. Free MyDoom, Nimda, DCOM, Sapphire SQL Worm, and Nimda scanner downloads.
  2. Android Programming Tutorial - Extensive set of free Android programming tutorials with complete source code available for download.
    -- http://www.coreservlets.com/android-tutorial/    Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Android: Developer Resources()
  3. Get Android Free - Tips and tricks for Android, unlocking phones.
  4. XSS Scanner - Free online cross site scripting scanner.
  5. Portswigger.net - Web application security testing software. Product details, downloads, how to order and screenshots.
  6. Inguama - A free penetration testing and vulnerability discovery toolkit entirely written in python.
    -- http://sourceforge.net/projects/inguma    Computers: Security: Internet: Products and Tools: Security Scanners(63)
  7. Droid Terminal - Android tricks, tips and free downloads of apps and ROMs.
    -- http://www.droidterminal.com/    Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Android()
  8. appsrox.com - Tutorials on Android application development. Download source code and apps for free.
  9. EBookTakeAway - A library of fiction and non fiction books for free download for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle in PDF and all popular eBook reader formats (AZW3, EPUB, MOBI).
    -- http://www.ebooktakeaway.com/    Computers: E-Books: Titles()
  10. Advanced IP Scanner - Free utility for Windows which scans for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and shared folders.
    -- http://www.advanced-ip-scanner.com/    Computers: Security: Internet: Products and Tools: Security Scanners(63)
  11. Android Live Wallpaper - A collection of live and static wallpapers for Android mobile phones. Wallpapers can be browsed or searched. Direct download of apk files.
  12. Nmap - Developers of NMAP, a network port scanner and service detector offering stealth SYN scan, ping sweep, FTP bounce, UDP scan and operating system fingerprinting. Downloads, documentation, security tools directory and a mailing lists archive. [Windows, MacOS, Unix]
  13. N-Stealth Security Scanner - Vulnerability-assessment product that scans web servers to identify security problems and weaknesses on local and remote web servers. Commercial and free editions are available.
  14. Javiation - Scanners and associated equipment. Order by phone, mail, or email. Based in the United Kingdom.
  15. Android App 4 Free - Mobile web site with Android apps for free. No registration or client is required, direct download of .APK files.
    -- http://androidapp4free.com/    Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Android: Markets()
  16. Android Forums - Community of Android enthusiasts who love their Android phones and tablets.
    -- http://androidforums.com/    Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Android()
  17. SlideME - Apps have detailed requirement details, free ones can be downloaded directly, without registration, but an application manager is also available.
  18. OnlineDomainTools: Nmap Online Scanner - Free online Nmap port scan with customizable options.
    -- http://nmap.online-domain-tools.com/    Computers: Security: Internet: Services: Security Scanning()
  19. Filterrules - Description and download of the GPL-licensed firewall testing and documentation tool.
    -- http://www.hsc.fr/ressources/outils/filterrules/index.html.en    Computers: Security: Internet: Products and Tools: Security Scanners(63)
  20. Gherkin - Free security scan manager incorporating Nessus vulnerability scanning, dns and nmb lookup, host resolving, and nmap fingerprinting and scanning.
    -- http://sourceforge.net/projects/gherkin/    Computers: Security: Internet: Products and Tools: Security Scanners(63)


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