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Search: Fake Call & SMS Canada android 4.4 free

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  1. Regional: North America: Canada: Ontario: Localities: T: Toronto: Business and Economy: Real Estate: Residential: Agents(206)
  2. Regional: North America: Canada: Ontario: Localities: O: Ottawa: Business and Economy: Real Estate: Residential: Agents(168)
  3. Regional: North America: Canada: British Columbia: Localities: V: Vancouver: Business and Economy: Real Estate: Residential(133)
  4. Regional: North America: Canada: Ontario: Localities: T: Toronto: Business and Economy: Computers and Internet: Web Design and Development(130)
  5. Regional: North America: Canada: British Columbia: Localities: V: Vancouver: Arts and Entertainment: Photography: Photographers(127)


DMOZ Sites (1-20 of 160312)

  1. SMS Backup Plus - Uses Gmail to perform SMS, MMS and call log backups. [Apache License 2.0]
    -- https://github.com/jberkel/sms-backup-plus/    Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Android: Apps()
  2. Android Programming Tutorial - Extensive set of free Android programming tutorials with complete source code available for download.
    -- http://www.coreservlets.com/android-tutorial/    Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Android: Developer Resources()
  3. Best Android Apps - Reviews of Android apps available for free for Android mobiles and tablets.
  4. Get Android Free - Tips and tricks for Android, unlocking phones.
  5. BoxFreeConcepts - Create a free fake college diploma, transcript or recommendation letter.
    -- http://www.boxfreeconcepts.com/    Shopping: General Merchandise: Novelties: Fake ID and Certificates()
  6. SMS-Chat.de, CG Business GmbH - Flirtmöglichkeit über SMS mit Benutzerprofilen und Fotos der Mitglieder. Über ein Formular können Fakes und gewerbliche Anzeigen gemeldet werden. [kostenpflichtig]
  7. Android Icons - Free and professional Android icon sets. Specially designed for Android application development. Each icon is available in 5 sizes and in 12 colors.
  8. FreeLiveWallpapers.net - A collection of free Android live wallpapers.
  9. Droid Terminal - Android tricks, tips and free downloads of apps and ROMs.
    -- http://www.droidterminal.com/    Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Android()
  10. Awesome Android Wallpapers - Hundreds of well-organized free static wallpapers.
    -- http://www.awesomeandroidwallpapers.com/    Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Android: Interface Customization()
  11. Phteme - Free Android themes, lockscreens, wallpapers, ringstones and apps. Tutorials on how to customize the user-interface.
  12. AppHome - Free app maker for Android and iOS.
  13. AppsApk.com - Free apps, live wallpapers, widgets, and themes for Android mobile devices.
  14. appsrox.com - Tutorials on Android application development. Download source code and apps for free.
  15. WatchfacePRO - Free online tool to create and customize Android watchfaces.
  16. Android App 4 Free - Mobile web site with Android apps for free. No registration or client is required, direct download of .APK files.
    -- http://androidapp4free.com/    Computers: Software: Operating Systems: Android: Markets()
  17. E-Call - SMS service giving an address book, history logbook, group lists, ringtones and screen graphics. Free and Premium versions of the service exist.
    -- http://www.ecall.ch/index_en.htm    Computers: Mobile Computing: Wireless Data: Short Messaging Service()
  18. Free-SMS.de - SMS Community mit anmeldungspflichtigem, kostenlosen SMS Versand.
  19. Free Android Root - Free tutorials about Android rooting, firmware upgrade, stock and custom ROM installation for various devices.
  20. Free-SMS-World - Free SMS Versand ohne Anmeldung mit 140 Zeichen incl. Absender nach Deutschland, Österreich und in die Schweiz.


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